Dreaming in CMYK Swag?

About 8 years ago, I had the opportunity to serve as the art director for a screen printer as I finished up my years at Ball State. Spending my days coating, burning and rinsing out screens, only to return to my computer to put together t-shirt designs for the local community. I seriously loved it.

And I miss it. The other day I was thinking about my old days in screen printing, and I realized – there are not a whole lot of AWESOME print shirts out there. Naturally, my next train of thought was – well why not? Let’s see if we should do something about that…

SOOOO, my fellow dreamers, I’m turning to you…would you be interested in some print geeky swag to show off your love for dots on paper? Below are a few rough thoughts I have for some initial shirts. What do you think? I’d love to hear your opinions!

TShirtIdeas-01 TShirtIdeas-02 TShirtIdeas-03 TShirtIdeas-04

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  • http://www.automanager.com Katherine

    The sheets one would be dope, but it might inspire some unwanted *ahem* advances.