Maybe You’ve Heard of Digital Inkjet Printing


Guest post by Jason Shudy

Digital Inkjet printing has taken the industry by storm over the last few years. As marketers continue to use more and more personalized communications, the need arose for a quicker production process. Besides the ability to produce personalized communications, the ability to print multiple versions, and do it efficiently and cheaper, is why digital inkjet has taken off. The book publishing industry was the first early adopter of this technology because of the need for shorter runs, multiple versions and a quicker turnaround time.

My company, Veritas Document Solutions, was an early adopter of the technology as we installed the HP T-200 Digital Inkjet Web Press in 2011. Because of this I have seen this technology grow and expand into new areas of the print market. Below I am going to outline the digital inkjet technology and include an overview of some of the presses in the market today.

I’m sure everyone is familiar with inkjet printing as we have used it in our desktop printers for years now. As digital printing equipment evolved, many of the leading digital print companies have expanded inkjet from the small desktop printer to a larger scale. Today you have several competitors in the market place, and honestly, I’m only going to touch on a few.

Each video provides an overview of specifics on each inkjet technology.

HP T-Series


Kodak Prosper


Xerox CiPress 500


Fuji J Press 720

Digital inkjet is expanding across several areas of the industry from books to point of purchase to direct mail. It seems that everyday someone is coming out with new and different equipment.

As digital inkjet continues to evolve I believe it will continue to take away business from offset printing. Now don’t get me wrong offset printing is not going away, the main reason the digital inkjet is becoming so popular is the need for personalized communications and the ability to produce them faster and cheaper.

If you’re interested in additional articles on the digital inkjet technology check them out on my blog InkOnDaPaper.

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jasonJason Shudy work’s for Veritas Document Solutions in business development, specializing in the insurance, financial and healthcare markets. His professional life is dedicated to providing marketing and communication professionals with front-end technology solutions through the production and fulfillment of personalized print communications.

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