Celebrate Your Independence By Going Unplugged

On the eve of the America’s 238th birthday, I first want to salute the wonderful world of print and the freedom it gives its audience.

Of course, it’s tangible and can appeal to any and all of the senses (with a little help from digital attachments), but there’s something much grander that has me hooked like those fish about to be on my line this weekend.


One of my favorite attributes about print is the fact that you can enjoy it without a battery or screen.

Cracking open a book for the first time (smells are free!) with no chance of distracting tweets, emails or phone calls to interrupt your peace. I mean really, who doesn’t  like that?

There are more benefits to unplugging than just enjoying some good ol’ printed collateral as well – hey, I don’t always have my print geek on.

  • Unplugging allows you to be more in the moment. Having real-life, meaningful conversations with other human beings. Who’da thunk?
  • You may not realize it, but tech can wear you down. From screen fatigue to simply just always being “on” – it’s unhealthy. Learn to live a little and power down those electronics. You’ll be amazed at how relaxed and refreshed you’ll feel when it’s time to get back to the grind.
  • Kicking the addiction. Yes, just like drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc – always being connected to the world in a digital way can be addicting. You can only truly know how addictive when you take the vice away. Bored because you’re unplugged? Go outside. Crack open a book. Invite your friends over. I promise you…the internet isn’t going anywhere. If it’s really pressing – people will find a way to get connected with you outside of Facebook and Twitter.
  • Quit being a FOMO. Settle your Fears of Missing Out by going out and making your own memories. Besides, how can reading someone else’s adventures really be satisfying? Be content in your present space.
  • Creation over consumption. Chances are, if I’m not consuming things over the interwebs, I’m making something bad-ass. Contribute your own unique vision to the world around you by creating something incredible. Food. Art. Whatever strikes your fancy, just create something!

This weekend I intend to celebrate my independence by setting the cell phone, computer and television aside to enjoy some quality time with friends and family. Who knows, I might even catch enough bass to feed the whole campground.

Now the question remains, how will you celebrate your independence?

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