Let’s hashtag this out.

I’m enjoying riding the social media wave this week so why not coast into the weekend with a breakdown of popular hashtags for printces and printcesses?

Hashtags are those little words or phrases following a # sign you see in social media that help you mine through the chaos to find what you’re interested in. If you want to network and learn about the latest and greatest in the print industry, there are all kinds of hashtags floating around to help you do just that!

The best networks to utilize the hashtags are on Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. Facebook has the ability to use hashtags, but it’s not very popular amongst Facebookers. If I use them, I typically use one per post.

For other channels, the number of hashtags used can also play a role in the performance of your posts. On Twitter, it’s best to use typically no more than 2 or 3 hashtags in a post to avoid looking spammy. I’m still getting the hang of Google+, but it appears to be more like Instagram…where you can hashtag your heart out!

A very good friend of mine retweeted a blog post from none other than Katherine Tattersfield with her Printer’s Guide to Hashtag Marketing.

My fellow #PrintGeek breaks down the hashtag for readers and even includes some tags printers are using on social networks. Some of my favorites she mentions are:


You’ve already heard me talk about the hashtag #PrintChat on this blog. It’s the wonderful Twitter based chat hosted by Deborah Corn over at Print Media Centr occuring every Wednesday at 4 PM EST. If you’re looking for a jam-packed hour of discussion on topics ranging from integrated marketing to CRM management to operations management, search out #PrintChat on Twitter and join along!


If you’re here reading this post, I can guarantee you’re a #PrintGeek. Want to find others geeking out over the beautiful ink on paper world? Come find us! There’s a whole community waiting to help you let your nerd out!
(Yes, despite what people might say – I’ll gladly admit I’m a geek AND a nerd…clearly there’s a little techie in all of us here 😉


Go big or go home, right? If you’re a grand format fan, this hashtag is for you! Washington Graphics utilized this hashtag as part of their “#BeBig” campaign. That’s how I learned they’re printing on ceiling tiles over there! It’s definitely worth a browse!

6 more tags Print Geek’s should be scoping out 


In addition to the 7 examples Katherine provides in her hashtastic blog post, I wanted to share some additional tags you can use to not only find a community of people interested in common things, but also reach a specific audience with your own posts.


It’s a celebration of all that’s ink on paper and for all those who dream in four-color! See a printed piece that makes you stop and check it out? How about a font that really brings a headline to life? DreamingIn4C is all about inspiring print and the magic that happens behind the scenes. Connect with like-minded inkheads and share the printspiration!


Specialize in direct mail or have a piece featuring a cool mailer? Utilize the tag #directmail to share great content and discover what’s happening in the niche. You could also use #brochures, #pocketfolder, #businesscards, etc.

#AugmentedReality / #AR / #NFC

Stay up to date on the latest and greatest technology news. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in bridging the gap between the printed piece and the online world. Inspiring stuff that’s definitely worth checking out.


Another great tag that’s sharing inspiring ways print is being used. Deborah Corn and the Print Media Centr crew do a great job of keeping the feed flowing with creative print and insights from industry experts.

#Print #Marketing

Yep, that’s right. I split that tag up. So many people are using #print these days, I like to take it one more level and scope out who’s talking print marketing. It’s a great way to weed through those just sharing a print (whether animal or art) and those discussing print’s inky bad self.


Print Chat co-pilot Sandy Hubbard started this hashtag year’s ago ,and I just love checking it out! Another shout-out to all the wonderful things print has to offer.

Am I missing any?

Please share your inky hashtags in the comments below!


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  • http://twitter.com/PaulBobnak Paul Bobnak (@PaulBobnak)

    I also like #PrintLives !

    • http://dreamingincmyk.com Christine Alexander

      Another great one! Thanks for adding to the list of awesome print hashtags, Paul!

  • msienicki

    Wow, there are so many great print conversations happening on Twitter! Thank you for sharing, Christine.

    • http://dreamingincmyk.com Christine Alexander

      You’re so very welcome! Are you on Twitter? I just found PagePath. Come find me, @Tini_Bop. Hope to tweet you soon!

  • http://printfirm.com Katherine

    p.s. I barely qualify as geeky….most def not a nerd =P

  • http://printfirm.com Katherine

    It’s an INKOUT on your blog today hee hee I thank you kindly for the mention. I dig all the tags you mentioned…although I don’t see one of my new faves—#PrintPals! I can’t remember if Dana from Dakota Press came up with it or Kim from Victor Printing? Either way, it’s a fun, community oriented tag to express #PrintLove. It’s good you mentioned the distinction between tweeting sweet typography and marketing type posts. Those types of posts are for different purposes.

    • http://dreamingincmyk.com Christine Alexander

      No problem! You know I saw that #PrintPals first thing Friday morning after this posted! Thanks so much for sharing it!