Putting a seal on the Letter Writing Challenge

So here we are, the entire month of April has come and gone, and I am dying to know how many of you were able to complete my Letter Writing Challenge? You know there’s still time to get a note jotted down if you’ve been unable to fulfill your challenge commitment!

My girl Katherine over at PrintFirm.com was completely transparent in admitting she hadn’t written a single letter all month, but her blog post about her own experience with how powerful and wonderful a letter can be is why I decided to create the challenge for my readers. You see, while some letters might land in the trash bin only having been read over once, the ones with true authenticity that can immediately turn another person’s entire day, even life around, will be treasured for weeks, months and even years.

I know finding the time to sit down and write can be incredibly difficult in today’s world. As much as I had hoped to write a letter a day, I managed to get three to five out each week. It’s my favorite way to show sincere authenticity when thanking someone for their time, wishing them a happy birthday, or sending my congratulations along for a new position.

I am sometimes appalled at the way some people can be so pushy in this social media world we live in. In fact, the other day one of my client’s updated his profile to reflect his latest job description. In addition to saying congrats on the new gig, I was amazed to see the amount of comments that were basically just sales pitches with the added congratulations notation. While they are definitely sticking out, I don’t think it’s the way you want to grab someone’s attention.

Throughout the month, I’ve also seen numerous posts talking about how outdated the letter is and how it’s a waste of time, but clearly (ok, maybe it’s just my opinion) they’ve not received a handwritten note that truly meant anything in a LONG time. In today’s world of overcrowded inboxes, social media notifications out the wazoo – how can you expect to stand out in all the noise? It’s easy if you ask me. Sit down, take out your paper and pen, and get to writing!

Thanks to the guys over at Ink On Da Paper for sharing this gem yesterday on Twitter. The perfect way to round out National Card and Letter Writing Month!


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  • http://kristyjarvis.com Kristy Jarvis

    This is so true! My most cherished possessions are letters from loved ones from when I was a child. I struggle with social media because it often feels too public to be sincere. No matter how much it takes over, it doesn’t replace the excitement of opening the mailbox and finding a handwritten letter inside.

    • http://dreamingincmyk.com Christine Alexander

      Great point on the publicity creating a lack of publicity! So very true, Kristy!

  • http://printfirm.com Katherine

    Thank you for forgiving my print geek failures. Maybe it’s just my opinion, too, but I think you’re spot on—once you get an unforgettable letter, you’ll be able to appreciate why we all need to send them.

    Your point about social media makes a lot of sense. Imagine if the letter I wrote about wasn’t a letter…it was a tweet instead. Surely a child would be thrilled to get a mention from her hero, yet there would be nothing to hang onto, no framed signature to bring to school for show & tell…it wouldn’t be the same at all.

    Speaking of letters, why the heck haven’t we sent each other any snail mail? Get at me, girl!

    • http://dreamingincmyk.com Christine Alexander

      Hey – it happens Katherine! :-)

      Can you imagine taking a screen shot of a tweet and treasuring it forever? hahaha Maybe I’ll frame this comment for life.

      And yes, I agree! Snail mail coming at you!