Impactful displays that won’t hurt the wallet

Point of Purchase (POP) displays add an entirely new dimension to your promotions and marketing, and it’s important to brands and marketers today to be able to identify quantifiable return on their investment. It’s proven that a well designed display can stop people in their tracks and capture their attention, but what if you don’t need that sign to last for a year or two? What about the cost associated with shipping that large, bulky display around to various trade shows? That cost can quickly add up.

Let me introduce you to the LAMá, pronounced just like the cute and fuzzy animal llama. The LAMá is a patented, instant display that opens automatically into position and folds back down with ease to save up to two-thirds in shipping expense!

There is a wide array of options to choose between when planning your display from size, shape and customizable options that make your LAMá truly unique. You can add pockets to hold brochures at your event, shelves can be included to hold product or even integrate a table top to jot down notes with potential prospects. The possibilities are endless!

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