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Do This ONE Thing To Increase Your Twitter Reach

Kudos to you – you’ve made the decision that you need to be present and active on social media.  You take the time to find (or better yet, create) content that is engaging and relevant for your audience. You may still be figuring out this whole hashtag thing, or at the very least, still wondering if three in […]


The Ultimate Die Line Resource

It’s no secret to long time followers of this blog that I am a HUGE Trish Witkowski fan. Here Super-Cool Fold of the Week videos have often been a point of highlight on this blog, and I wanted to share another reason why she’s truly an incredible resource for designers. Trish’s is well-known for her […]


3 Things I’ve Learned on the Road to Graph Expo

About five months ago I made possibly the most terrifying decision I’ve ever made. I decided it was time to stop lying to myself and chase the dream I knew was meant for me – making a career as a communications creative for the graphic arts industry. And on the verge of my very first Graph […]


Interactive Print Ad Becomes Board for iPhone Speed Test

You know, I love it when the digital realm plays nicely with print. So when I recently stumbled across this fun promotion for the first 4G network in Finland, I simply had to share with you all! The folks at Sonera developed a game to show the increased speed of their 4G network by turning […]